About Us

Plant It Native is a backyard operation, locally owned by Josh Myers in Willoughby Hills, OH.

I have been growing native plants for my own gardens and recognize the need for more accessible native vegetation in northeast Ohio. I earned my degree in environmental science from Bowling Green State University and have been working to preserve our natural environment since 2014. I strive to ensure that all plants are grown from Ohio or Midwest ecotypes whenever possible. My plants can be purchased at the Heart of Willoughby Outdoor Market located in the Willoughby City Hall parking lot from May to October. Plants can be purchased in person at the market, or online with pickup at the market. The plants are raised outdoors to ensure hardiness to our local climate conditions.

Why native plants?
Native plants are considered to be the vegetation that was present in North America at the time Europeans arrived. Native plants have adapted to our local conditions over thousands of years, and can survive our cold winters, wet springs, and dry summers. Utilizing native vegetation in your landscaping creates a beautiful and functional ecosystem in your yard.

The roots of native plants can extend 5-10 feet (even as deep as 15 feet in some cases) into the soil. These deep roots help to reduce soil erosion, allow the plants to be more drought tolerant, and create space in the soil for stormwater to infiltrate. Additionally, native plants provide nectar, pollen, seeds, and habitat for our native butterflies, birds, insects, and other animals.

Native plants also require little maintenance once they become established. These plants are built to flourish in our region and do not require fertilizers or pesticides to thrive.

Many common landscape plants are considered to be invasive. An invasive species is defined as a species that is non-native and whose introduction is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. Common invasive species sold in the nursery trade include: Norway maple, Japanese barberry, burning bush, butterfly bush, autumn olive, callery pear, Japanese honeysuckle, European privet, porcelain berry, yellow flag iris, English ivy, pachysandra, wintercreeper, etc. Invasive species will not be labelled as "invasive" or "non-native" at big box stores. Feel free to reach out for native alternatives!